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Letters to the Editors

Dear Parents,

I’m moved to pen what I hope might be a little ray of sunshine for many of you who might be struggling to raise your kids. I watch my own grandkids growing up in our age of video games, texting, skyping, abounding pornography, Rrated movies, foul language…and I search for ways to stem what seems to be a wave of worldly “worship”.

There must be little havens in Manistique where kids can learn those good core values that help produce upstanding young people and responsible caring adults. Hopefully, these havens include our own homes and our own classrooms. But just a couple of weeks ago I happened along another haven of grander, let me share it with you.

Harborlight Pentecostal Church hosts a Wednesday night kid’s service (K-H.S.) where they feed the kids starting at 6:30 p.m. and then run a wonderful program, dividing younger and older kids, and still gets the kid’s home early being a school night.

I sat in awe watching Pastor Steve and Doris Jones minister to 25 kids and wished my own grandkids lived in Manistique and could be with such a program.

It might behoove you to check out this Arbutus Ave. haven some Wednesday night. Having raised my own kids and having taught high school for years (and still teach two fourth grade classes and one third grade class every Tuesday morning when I am downstate), I’ve experienced many of the perils and pitfalls of planting the good stuff.

I wish you well, parents. Your trek is heavy – laden. I embrace this community; it’s been my second home for years.

With love,

Fred Karr

Manistique, MI

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