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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor,

WOW! WOW! For those who did not attend the “Music, Music, Music” concert on Sunday, really missed the best musical program of the year. The new Glee Club is terrific and ALL donated time, money for music, etc. The specials were very talented students also. Thanks to Teresa Mathews and those who supported her for their many hours of DONATED time. Please, please let them know what YOU thought of the program.

Yes, the Manistique Schools verbally supported this program BUT, with NO money I’m told we can’t afford any music programs. What a shame for this area, as we saw talented students ready to GIVE to their community. Educating, molding and, supporting our young people ISN”T a priority in our state anymore. Why would anyone with children want to move to Manistique? We should be ashamed of what our illegal Michigan government has done.

Karen Klaus

Cooks, MI

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