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.22 Pistol League Championship results

Kevin Demers accepts his first place Masters Division trophy from Tom Bronz. Kevin Demers accepts his first place Masters Division trophy from Tom Bronz. The Manistique Rifle and Pistol Club held its annual .22 Pistol League Championship held in March.

The league championship was won by the team of Ted Hentschell, Josh Hentschell, Frank Hentschell and Bill Hentschell.

Second in team competition was Joan Duncan, Mike Gronseth, Mark Knoebel and Bob Hewitt; while the team of Patrick Syers, Troy Edwards, Mike Butler and Derek Murk finished third.

The “Top Gun” trophy in the league was won by Mark Knoebel for the fifth year in a row.

Other championship results were as follows:

Masters Division: first place, Kevin Demers; second place, Ted Hentschell; third place, Bill Larson; fourth place, Mike Gronseth.

Expert Division: first place, Mike Butler; second place, Mike Glass; third place, Jim LaFave; fourth place, David Lander.

Sharpshooter Division: first place, Jamison Blowers; second place, Tom Bronz; third place, Jake Verbunker; fourth place, Al Arcand.

Marksman Division: first place, Frank Schwanter; second place, Bill Fries; third place, Kent LaCroix, fourth place, Russ Johnson.

A new league was started this year for the center fire pistols. The league champion was Troy Edwards followed by James LaFave in second place and Mike Butler in third.

Results of the center fire championship were as follows: first place, Kevin Demers; second place, Patrick Syers; third place, Troy Edwards.

This year’s award for most improved shooter went to Patrick Syers.

Those interested in joining a .22 league can contact Tom Bronz at 586- 3968 or Jim LaFave at 341-5515. If interested in the center fire league, contact Kevin Demers at 286-0997.

Summer shotgun leagues and winter pistol leagues are conducted under handicap rules and are open to all members.

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