2012-04-26 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, at least the days have warmed up where you can enjoy the outdoors. The night time weather will have to warm up before the real nice daytime weather will be here to stay. I know we had a good rain the other day but it wasn’t enough to stop the extremely dry conditions out in the woods. If you were to go for a walk in the woods, the leaves and ground cover just snap and crush under your feet. So be careful with any fires.

It always amazes me walking through the woods this time of year all that you can see. It also never fails to amaze me when you see something for the first time that you have walked by dozens of times. This spring while walking through the woods the party with me pointed out where there was an old “grub hoe” stuck into a tree. In checking it out you could see where it had been there so long the wooden handle was all gone and the tree had grown around the steel part.

Looking at it you have to wonder what the history was behind it and what kind of story it could tell. Then you wonder how it came to be stuck in a tree when it was small and just left there all these years. I guess like a lot of other things in life I will never know the story behind it.

I will never get tired of walking through the woods this time of year just enjoying life before all the bugs come out. Life can be so good up here in the U.P.

There are a lot of fishermen still doing extremely well this spring. The perch fishing still is above average and is making a lot of fishermen happy. They have shut the gates at the river and the fishermen are hitting the Black Bass hole real hard. It has been a super year for spring fishing so far.

There are a lot of outdoor people getting their campers and fishing gear ready for the camping season.

In my travels I came across a neat little grill that is called a portable sportsman’s stainless steel gas grill at Sam’s Club which had the best price I could find. In fact it was $50 less than a lot of others I had looked at in other stores.

This small little grill folds right up and is small enough to take camping with you. It has two burners, and grills with an even heat pattern to do a real good job. It is a small grill as far as size goes but it is still big enough to handle most of your grilling projects.

When you want to pack it up you can close the top, and the legs fold right up under it and clamp into place. You can unhook your gas tank and you are ready to go.

Wifee and I really enjoy grilling and I have to admit that this little grill works like a charm for all the grilling projects I have had. Like anything else there are a few things I did to improve it. It did not come with a temperature gauge which I like on a grill so I put one on it. In fact it was one off an old grill and it works great. I also like the fact that it is easy to take apart and clean up when needed.

If you are interested you can type in on the Internet: Portable Sportsman’s Stainless Steel Gas Grill. There you can see a picture of this grill and check on the prices.

It is going to be a busy summer from all the things that have happened already. Wifee and I have a new granddaughter down in Florida. She will have the pleasure of growing up with three older brothers to look after her. This should make life rather interesting for her. It is funny, but I don’t care how many grand kids come along, each one is something special and Wifee and me love them all. This new little girl makes twelve we have been blessed with.

At the same time we are blessed with a new granddaughter, our oldest granddaughter is ready to graduate from high school next month. Where in the world has all the time gone and how did it all go by so fast.

This is why I spend so much time trying to encourage you to get out and enjoy life and the great outdoors. If you don’t take time to do it now and keep putting it off for a later date, when you have time to do it you may find out that time has passed you by.

Take this old fossil’s word for it, life can slip by and you may find out you have missed out on your chance to enjoy things. So get out there and enjoy all that there is to enjoy.

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