2012-04-26 / News

Sault Tribe Committee releases official list

The Sault Tribe Election Committee has released the official list of candidates in the 2012 elections for tribal Chairman and Board of Directors. Officers to be elected this year include:

Tribal Chairman; Unit One – three members; Unit Two – one member; Unit Three – one member; and

Unit Four – one member.

Incumbent Board members seeking reelection are Cathy Abramson and Bernard Bouschor in Unit One, Lana Causley in Unit Two, Patrick Rickley in Unit Three, and Tom Miller in Unit Four. One vacant seat in Unit One will also be filled.

Based on the Tribe’s election ordinance, a primary election will be held in Unit One and Unit Three, with the top six candidates from Unit One and the top two candidates from Unit Three moving to the general election. Primary election count day is May 24, with ballots being mailed to eligible voters May 2.

Following the primary election, general election ballots will be mailed to voters on June 6, with the official vote count on June 28.

On May 4, a special online and print edition of the Sault Tribe newspaper Win Awenen Nisitotung will carry profiles and photos of all candidates.

The following candidates for the 2012 primary election are listed in alphabetical order with incumbents in italics.

• Chairman – Joe Eitrem, Aaron Payment

• Unit One — Cathy Abramson, Bernard Bouschor, Nichole Causley, Betty Freiheit, DJ Hoffman, David Houghton, Dennis McKelvie, Russell McKerchie Jr., Jennifer McLeod, Christine McPherson, Shirley Van Alstine

• Unit Two — William Baker, Lana Causley

• Unit Three — James Everson, Wanda Garries, Linda Marshall, Patrick Rickley, Bridgett Sorenson

• Unit Four — Tom Miller, Darcy Morrow

All Board members serve fouryear terms. The next tribal Board elections will be held in 2014.

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