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St. Francis de Sales third marking period honor roll

St. Francis de Sales Catholic School has released the honor roll for the third marking period of the 2011-12 school year.

Christian Witness Award recipients in Kindergarten were Olivia Mackie and Jacob Rivard.

Christian Witness Award recipients in Mrs. Sigulinsky’s first grade were Nora Cunningham and Teagan Lawrence.

Christian Witness Award recipients in Mrs. McKinney’s second grade were Jacob Mackie and Kendra Weber.

Recipients of the Christian Witness Awards in Ms. Betsy Van- Damme’s second grade were Grace Seltenright and Lucas Weber

Earning the Christian Witness Awards in third grade were Shieyanne Johnson and Madison Zellar.

Receiving all “A’s” in the third grade were Maddi Bosanic, Olivia Brazda, Gunnar Collins, Lucas Gould, Christian Lawrence, Daniel Michalik, Delaney Zellar and Madison Zellar.

Chloe Gould, Kaylie Gould, Shieyanne Johnson, Amelia Moeggenborg, Jordyn Reque and Madison Rochefort were also included on the third grade honor roll.

Jerry Jack and Courtney Syers were selected to receive the Christian Witness Awards for the fourth grade.

Achieving all “A’s” in the fourth grade were Jerry Jack, Carson Lagina and Patrick McNamara.

Additional fourth grade honor students were Caleb Hubble, Hannah Mackie and Courtney Syers.

Fifth grade Christian Witness Award recipients were Jenna Chase and Cole Peterson.

Fifth grade students Katelyn Arnold, Melanie Jones, Alexandra Lakosky, Kanton Lauzon, Jacob Maki and Kyle Renze received all “A’s” in the third marking period.

Other fifth grade honor students were Brylee Allor, Nathan Armock, Erica Carlson, Oscar Johnson, Sydnee MacPhail, Cody Peterson and Logan Trusty.

Christian Witness Award recipients in the sixth grade were Shelby Misniakiewicz and Levi Weber.

All “A” honor students in the sixth grade included Joe Barr, Madison Lakosky, Anthony Lemaster, Marc McKinney and Madison Ozanich.

Additional sixth grade honor students were Makayla Gonder, Regina Moloney and Levi Weber.

Kamryn Hoezee and Darien Nichols were selected to receive the Christian Witness Award for the seventh grade.

Obtaining all “A’s” in the seventh grade were junior high students Megan Annelin, Nolan Armock, Dylan Bell, Joshua Burnis, Stephan Demers, Kamryn Hoezee, Georgia Johnson, Nick Lemaster, Logan MacPhail and Darien Nichols.

Additional seventh grade honor students were Halle Potvin, Colton Rice and Zachary Santi.

Kelsey LaLonde and Tony Walters were selected as the eighth grade Christian Witness Award recipients.

Receiving all “A’s” in the eighth grade were Holly Blowers, Sydney Chartier, Allison Halpin, Machaela Hinkson, Kelsey Lalonde and Amanda Ziminski.

Also included on the eighth grade honor roll were Jacob Burnis and Treven Utter.

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