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Senior Center

We all know how the price of gas has climbed, along with groceries, etc. Due to this and having a little extra left over monies, the Senior Center Board has agreed to do a “one time” Free Food Distribution today April 26.

You are once again asked to bring your own containers to haul the food home. We cannot stress enough that we would like you to come after the Noon Meal, which will open up parking space and not rush those attending the lunch. The food distribution will begin at 1:30 p.m.

Please, if there is something that you do not eat when you go through the line; leave it for someone that does

We sincerely wish to thank those wonderful monetary donators, along with the many, many volunteers who work so hard to make this possible.

Bob Sands and Dan and Cliff Barber did an awesome job “flipping” pancakes at our pancake supper this past Thursday evening. After doing all the tallies, we came up with a count of 82 participants.

Those in attendance got the chance to listen to The Mud Hole Band perform. Talk about dedicated! They even agreed to play although they had another commitment later in the evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did notice they walked out the door with a little syrup dripping off their lips before departing. Heehee.

A great big thank you also goes out to Mary and Len LaFleur and Mary Burns for volunteering their time. Community Corrections and Michigan Works also deserve credit for sending help our way!

Winners from our raffle that evening included:

• Julie Smith - Doll, donated by Rita Peterson

• Linda Hamill - Yellow Knit Baby Sweater, donated by Mary Prater

• Irene Grimm - Afghan, donated by Christine Anderson

• Clara Goudreau - Pink Afghan, donated by Rosie Krall

Busy at work on cinnamon rolls for the pancake supper (from left) Bob Sands, Dan Barber and Cliff Barber took a few minutes to be recognized. Entertainment for the event was performed by the Mud Hole Band. Busy at work on cinnamon rolls for the pancake supper (from left) Bob Sands, Dan Barber and Cliff Barber took a few minutes to be recognized. Entertainment for the event was performed by the Mud Hole Band. • Julie Hoholik - Dietmar Krummery Print, donated by Mincoff Family

• Gladys LaFord - Carved Fish Picture, donated by Cliff Dyer

• Cathy Wise - Senior Throw, donated by Design on a Tee and Superior State Agency

Prizes for the Easter bonnets and hats went to those attending from Medicare. I guess they were the only “fun” people attending. Or their memory is better than ours!

Do you know how to play pinochle? This past week players needed to fill two more seats in order to have another full table. It makes a great afternoon out. Give the Center a call at 341-5923 if you are interested and we will give you all the details.

If you are looking to buy a home or needing assistance with repairs, I encourage you to contact Laurie Jasmin at the Schoolcraft County EDC. Laurie can be reached at 341-5126.

She has just recently received funding from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. With the grant she received, qualified applicants can receive up to $10,000 in down payment and closing costs with an additional $20,000 available to rehab the home.

I do have a copy of the guidelines at the Center. Feel free to drop by and I will share them with you.

This time of year we are always looking for something to do. If you have never been to the “Quilters’ Workshop” which is held at the Hiawatha Country Church, you might want to do so. I am not a quilter, but I love to go and work on the small projects that they offer to beginners. They share sewing machines, materials, etc.

It is an absolute wonderful afternoon, which starts out with a breakfast, usually followed by a guest speaker, which this year is Ken Osborne. They also provide a lunch by donation. They have a “show and tell” and also give away door prizes. This is all done in a two day period which will be held Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28. Doors open at 9 a.m.

They also do a “Mystery Quilt” drawing which will be drawn at 3 p.m. on Sunday. That should put a huge smile on one of the attendees’ face. What a nice way to spend time with friends and get to know new in the area.

Northern Michigan Hearing is offering a free hearing aid clinic at the Center today, April 26 and Friday, May 24, beginning at 10 a.m. To set up an appointment give them a call at (800) 637-7816.

Here is a number worth putting in your cell phone, or your home phone speed dial: (800) goog411. This is a free service from Google. It is great when you are on the road. Don’t waste your time manually dialing the number.

An example is: I need to call the golf course and I don’t know the number. I hit the speed dial for information that I have programmed (the 1-800-goog411). The voice at the other end says, “City and State”. I say, “Manistique, Mich.” He says “Business, Name or Type of Service.” I say, Indian Lake Golf Course.” He says, “Connecting” and the golf course answers the phone. How great is that? This is nationwide and it is absolutely free! Go to http://www.google.com/goog411/

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. A great big thank you goes out to Ron and Pauline Frans from Rainbow’s End for their generous donation to the Center. Sharon Fish gave a donation of greeting cards.

BRIDGE Apr. 16: 1st-Joyce LaTulip, 2nd-Larry Savoie, 3rd- Judy Provo, 4th-Hanna Mammen, 5th-Bev Jahn, CFC-Pat Flint. Hostess Pat Flint served moist cherry bliss brownies, Chex Mix and candy.

BRIDGE Apr. 20: 1st-Rosie Krall, 2nd-Ruth Roemer, 3rd- George Hough, 4th-Rya Krall, 5th- Eris Webb, 6th-Mary Ann Thorell, CFC-Joyce Lesica. Hostess Carol Hough served pineapple torte, ham, cheese, and crackers and mixed nuts.

PINOCHLE Apr. 13: 1st-Carl Sundling, 2nd-Bill Keener, 3rd- Chris Keener, Should’a Stayed Home-Peggy Beckman.

PINOCHLE Apr. 18: 1st-Bill Keener, 2nd-George Shampine, 3rd-Audrey Newborn, Should’a Stayed Home-Carol Shampine.

500 Apr. 20: 1st-Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd-Audrey Newborn, Should’a Stayed Home- Pat Clark.

BIRTHDAYS this week: April 27-Nancy Casey, April 28-Agnes Gardapee and Kirk Peterson, May 1-Virginia Scherer, May 2-Fritz Nelson, May 3-Mrs. Ricky P. Howard, May 4-Dick Lewis. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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