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Financial future looking brighter for Big Bay de Noc School District

While the trend has been “cuts and more cuts” when it comes to public education, the Big Bay de Noc Board of Education got a bit of good news about the district’s current and projected finances this week.

During their regular meeting Monday night, Superintendent Bill Pistulka reported that budget amendments had a positive effect on the school’s finances.

Pistulka reported revenue increases of $67,000 to the district, while expenses increased by only $27,000, resulting in a bottom-line budget improvement of $40,000.

“This is good news,” Pistulka said after the meeting. “The positive effect was attributed to two things. One, we received more money from our Federal Forrest Land Impact Aid reimbursement program, but more importantly, I need to compliment our teaching staff, other administrators and supervisors for really operating within their budgets and being frugal.”

While the current year’s finances should end on a positive note, Pistulka said a quick look into the future shows a positive outlook, as well.

“The numbers are best-guess,” he said. “At this time, based on limited information from the state, we projected a worst case scenario, and based on that guess, we are not looking at budget adjustments or layoffs in the future, unless things would dramatically change at the state level. Again, that is very positive, and only achieved through the continuity of our staff.”

Also Monday, Pistulka reported that bids are being solicited for three sinking fund projects totaling $322,000 that were approved by the board in February.

The improvements will include upgrades to the kitchen, interior door replacement and keying, and replacement of ceiling tiles and rooftop ventilators for the gym.

Pistulka said the district has accumulated $422,000 dollars in their sinking fund account.

Based on the bid estimates, the district will be able to retain just over $100,000 for future sinking projects.

In other business:

• Held a second reading of the revised school safety policy (prohibiting bullying).

• Agreed to post the athletic director position.

• Agreed to post the 2012-2013 fall and winter coaching positions.

• Approved monthly expenditures for March in the amount of $296,726.52, which includes general fund accounts payable in the amount of $170,415.75

• Approved the annual Delta- Schoolcraft ISD budget resolution.

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