2012-04-26 / Community

Erickson Center for the Arts and Three Lakes Academy team up for May Day celebration

A sizable grant from the Laura Jane Musser Fund, a Minneapolis based foundation, has assisted the Erickson Center for the Arts, in concert with the Three Lakes Academy (TLA), in producing a huge community art project. According to grant guidelines, “(The fund) hopes to encourage and excite a wider population to appreciate, learn, and participate in the arts.”

Puppeteer Ruthette Mills has led a group of six adult volunteers in planning and preparing the artwork and purchasing dozens of flags, paints, banners and stencils for the upcoming May Day parade from the school to the Erickson Center, concluding in a showy, celebratory pageant. This is consistent with the fund’s mission: “Assisting non-profit art organizations to develop opportunities for adults and children in visual and performing arts.”

The clankety-clank parade of wagons, wheelbarrows and children pounding pails and waving banners will escort a five foot “earth” to Erickson Center Park where it will find its way to the top of a celebratory maypole. A dramatic presentation, with a hundred participants, will cheer our watery globe and encourage everyone to Love Thy Mother. The Munising band “The Jay Birds” featuring Ross Allured and Jay Krueger has been hired to provide music. A master of ceremonies will narrate events.

Area institutions, clubs and individuals have been invited to share in this ancient art form. Puppetry, filled with masks and costumes, creates vivid imagery, tells stories, and brings life to inactive forms. The live performance begins on the grounds of Erickson Center Park at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1. In the event of bad weather, the celebration will be delayed until May 2.

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