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Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago April 19, 1962

• Gifts to a memorial fund for A.J. Cayia, Sr. have enabled Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital to purchase three new machines to provide it with one of the most up-to-date laboratories in the area. Purchased were a Jewett blood bank refrigerator, a Coleman spectrophotometer and a basal meter. The new refrigerator unit will enable the hospital to store upwards of 50 pints of blood. The unit, replacing a regular refrigerator, is equipped with temperature and humidity devices which record changes. This aids the hospital staff in being certain blood administered is in its best condition. The spectrophotometer is one of the new type units utilizing the principal of light passing through substances for a variety of blood chemistry tests. Those include tests for blood sugar, amino acids and others. The biochemical unit is extremely sensitive and will enable the laboratory to provide many tests not now available here. The basal meter or BMR machine measures the rate at which oxygen is used by the body and is used in tests such as for the thyroid gland. In addition to making 15 to 20 more types of laboratory tests available, the new machines shorten the time needed to learn the result of testing, through calculators and other improvements; and increase accuracy.

• The average family in the United States is spending more than $6,000 annually and various experts predict that the family income will average $9,000 within ten years. This means that every retailer who expects to stay in business must anticipate drastic changes in buying habits of their customers, changes even greater than those which took place from 1950 to 1960.

• The “Ben Casey” blouses are very popular at MHS. Some seen wearing them are Marchia Eck, Jill Krause, Janelle Bertrand, Elizabeth Tailor and Molly Orr. Sweaters knitted by the individuals have been seen quite often, too. Helen Harbick, Marilyn Miller, Jane Lee and Carol Moen have some attractive ones.

• With five weekends of bowling completed in the U.P. Women’s Bowling Tournament, being held in Ironwood, Fern Ballas of Manistique is leading in the handicap All-Events division with a total of 1800, fifteen pins ahead of her nearest competitor. In the three-game handicap team standings, Inland of Manistique is in second place with a 2775 total. Sports Bar of Wakefield leads the division with 2823.

35 Years Ago April 21, 1977

• Lighter load limits for the city’s unique floating siphon bridge may help preserve the structure past the time when a new highway U.S. 2 bridge is constructed across the Manistique River. For the first time, load limits of 55 tons for three-unit trucks and 51 tons for two-unit trucks will be imposed on the 58 year old bridge. City Manager Robert Risik said the new load limits, announced this week by the Department of State Highway and Transportation, should help preserve the aging structure. He added that it remains to be seen whether the city will be responsible for the roadway over the bridge in the distant future.

• Memo to Schoolcraft County residents, start working on your horticulture, entomology, woodworking, leather craft or creative art exhibits. The Schoolcraft County Fair is making a return. The fair, scheduled for August 27 and 28, will mark the first time in 44 years that a free fair has been held in Schoolcraft County. El Hepker, vice-president of the Schoolcraft County Fair Association, announced this week that plans are going ahead for the formation of a fair after receiving word that matching money will be available from the state for the construction of a 70 x 140 foot clear span exhibit building.

• Schoolcraft County youngsters should apply for their Social Security number before the end of April, announces Pete Ross, Social Security Field Representative in Escanaba. “We don’t want anyone to miss getting a summer job because they did not apply for their Social security number in time,” Ross said. “It now takes four to five weeks to get an original Social security number issued. All original applications for Social Security numbers are processed through our central office in Baltimore, Ma.”

25 Years Ago April 24, 1987

• Cablevision of Manistique has announced the addition of a new microwave feed from American Microwave and Communications to supply Manistique Cablevision subscribers with TV-6 programming. American Microwave and Communications is a Michigan Corporation with its office located in Lansing. After being plagued for years with electrical interference, co-channel and fading, Manistique’s Cablevision customers will be watching quality pictures from TV-6 Marquette. Exhausting all alternatives of filters, antenna arrangements, shielding and microwave feeds of its own, Cablevision has made a considerable investment, along with a substantial monthly microwave fee to provide its customers with high quality reception from TV-6 Marquette.

• Twice weekly day cruises between the Door Peninsula and Fayette State Park this summer have gotten the green light from Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission. A specially built 65 foot ship captained by Capt. Paul Vought of Gill’s Rock, Wis., and carrying up to 149 passengers, should start on the twice weekly schedule in June.

• A mobile CT Scanner network servicing seven Upper Peninsula hospitals, including Schoolcraft Memorial, should be in operation by the first of June. The network will bring one of today’s most sophisticated pieces of diagnostic equipment directly to outlying U.P. hospitals. Until now, patients have had to go to Marquette, or to a recently installed scanner at Escanaba/Iron Mountain.

10 Years Ago April 18, 2002

• While it sometimes seems that athletics get all the attention, that certainly wasn’t the case last weekend, when Manistique Area schools academic programs were in the spotlight in a big way. Just for starters, the District’s Destination ImagiNation team was competing in the state tournament at Central Michigan University. At the same time, high school senior Rachel James was placing first in the broadcasting division at the forensics regional competition, earning the right to take part in the state finals, to be held at Northern Michigan University later this spring. But perhaps the biggest news of all came out of Traverse City, where the high school Odyssey of the Mind team was also participating in state-level competition. When that event was over, the team had finished second, good enough for a trip to the World Finals.

• For the second straight week, the Manistique Emeralds track and field squads traveled to Sault Ste. Marie to compete indoors at Lake Superior State University. The boys and girls teams each dominated the field, coming home with first place finishes.

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