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Emerald Elementary is a Schoolwide Title I/A Building. What does that mean?

School districts that accept Federal Title I/A dollars operate their programs as either Targeted Assistance or Schoolwide. Prior to the construction of Emerald Elementary, all elementary buildings in the Manistique Area School District ran Targeted Assistance Title I/A Programs. The goal was to assist those children (who met eligibility criteria) in meeting the state’s proficient and advanced levels of performance by using scientifically research based instructional strategies and materials. Following the fire at Lakeside, it made great sense to bring “everyone together” to construct a new plan for our new building. Since 2007, Emerald Elementary has operated as a Schoolwide Title I/A building.

The District had long met the 40 percent poverty level needed to be considered for the conversation to a schoolwide program. One year of technical assistance by a State approved provider was completed via a grant as a Comprehensive Schoolwide Plan must be developed for reforming the total instructional program in the school. The program must address 10 components:

1) A Comprehensive Needs Assessment of the entire school based on information on the performance of children in relation to the state content and performance standards.

2) Schoolwide Reform Strategies that provide opportunities for all children to meet the advanced and proficient levels of student performance, use effective instructional strategies, address the needs of all children in school, and are consistent with state and local plans.

3) Instruction by Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals

4) Strategies to attract High- Quality Highly Qualified Teachers.

5) Offer High Quality, Ongoing Professional Development for teachers and paraprofessionals (and where appropriate, pupil services personnel, parents, principals, and other staff).

6) Strategies to Increase Parental Involvement (especially in helping their own children do well in school as well as involvement in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the schoolwide program).

7) Preschool Transition Strategies to assist children from early childhood programs to local elementary programs.

8) Measures to include teachers in making decisions regarding the use of academic assessments.

9) Timely and Additional Assistance to Students Having Difficulty Mastering the Standards.

10) Coordination and Integration of Federal, State, and Local Programs and Resources - How the school will use resources under Title I and a listing of other sources to implement the above components.

Evaluation: The plan is required to be reviewed annually, and updated as needed. This is done by the eLeadership Team that meets monthly. If you are interested in attending an e-Leadership Team meeting to witness first-hand how a Schoolwide Title I school functions, contact Linda Levin (341- 4332).

To view Emerald Elementary’s School Improvement/Schoolwide Plan: www.manistique.k12.mi.us Click on Emerald Elementary. Once on the site, click on School Improvement/Schoolwide Plan.

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