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Just for the "Well" of it

Last fall, while visiting my daughter and her family “Grandma” was asked to please sew some badges on to a newly acquired Cub Scout shirt. As I looked through the Cub Scout handbook to ensure proper placement of said badges, I came across this… it’s for first through fifth graders.

“The Purposes of Cub Scouting”

1. Character Development

2. Spiritual Growth

3. 3. Good Citizenship

4. Sportsmanship and Fitness

5. Family Understanding

6. Respectful Relationships

7. Personal Achievement

8. Friendly Service

9. Fun and Adventure

10. Preparation for Boy Scouts (the Future)

This, my friends, is a wellness program! It includes areas from each dimension, all wrapped up in a neat fun little package for kids. When they accomplish one of their goals, they get a reward for it (another badge). It excites them, motivates them to continue on to the next goal, and teaches them some very important life lessons along the way.

We could all learn a lot by living our daily lives like a Cub Scout. Look at each area separately and decide what you can do to become a good scout. Of course, we aren’t going to sew badges on our clothing and all of the rewards will not be physically noticeable as we walk down the street, but the benefits of true wellness are infinite.

Who couldn’t use some improvement in one or more areas of our life? No one will ever be perfect, but to me it sure makes sense to strive to be your best.

If we had all learned these lessons in first through fifth grades, and more importantly had lived up to our full potential in each area, where would the world be today? What would be different if each person applied these guidelines to everything they said and did?

Think about it…Why wouldn’t we want our children involved in activities such as these? Sure, they can learn certain life skills by participating in dance classes or being on a sports team, but it seems to me that Scouting gives you the best bang for your buck when considering the health and welfare of our precious children. After all, they are the future!

You can reach Cathy Kaltz, Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, at (906) 286-0985 for information on individual or worksite wellness programs, wellness seminars and presentations for your group, or information on chronic disease selfmanagement programs that are available in our area.

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