2012-04-05 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, now we are into April so I guess we can officially say spring is here. If you are doing anything out in the woods you want to be extra careful seeing how dry it is. I thought I went through some dry springs before but honestly I have never been through one as dry as we are having now,

In areas where some of the mud holes usually have water in them until June they are bone dry this year. In one the of the lake bottoms where the bottom lands are usually so wet you have to wear knee high boots this time of year they too are dry. So just be careful out in the woods.

On the plus side this spring the fishing in a lot of areas has really been outstanding. The perch fishermen off Garden have been doing great and this makes the second year in a row where there have been some good catches. Some of the fishermen were saying that some of the perch they caught were just dripping with spawn. Hopefully this is a sign that perch fishing will continue to be good.

There are also a lot of fishermen on the Manistique River. In fact, it seems like some of the best spring fishing activity we have had in a few years. There were crews both up near the dam and working areas around the Black Bass Hole.

One way or the other there were a lot of fishermen having a good time and giving a big thumbs up to the way the fishing has been this spring.

There also were a few trappers out this spring but in some areas it appears there were not enough. Only in the U.P. can beaver shut down a state highway completely. It appears that some beaver dammed up a culvert on M-64 around White Pine and shut down the road. The dam was removed but enough damage was done that some repair to the culvert and road had to be repaired.

In another beaver case it seems that a beaver wanted to call a friend and must not have had a cell phone because he chewed into a phone cable up in the Keweenaw County area. It seems it picked one of the main cables too and knocked out around 300 phones including some of the emergency numbers. I guess you have to classify this as “life in the U.P.

Or should I say this type problem could get more and more common with there being fewer and fewer beaver trappers and it seems more and more restrictions on trappers.

There is another warning that you should be aware of this spring. From all I hear from a good number of different people, and that is there is a bumper crop of ticks out there this year. It seems that with the type winter we had with the warm weather and all that it was perfect conditions for ticks to survive. So if you have a dog or are out in the woods be sure to check for ticks when you return home. I guess this is one of the prices we have to pay for the type winter we had.

One good thing about having pets up in our area with all the ticks is now there are a good number of different ways to protect your pets. There are ways where you can put drops on your dog that will protect him during the tick season. Some methods appear to be better than others so you want to figure out what is best for you to use.

It is funny but it always seems there is something you have to put up with no matter where you live. Personally I will take our U.P. problems any day over what other parts of the country has to put up with.

As I sit doing my article Wifee and I are watching the Weather Channel where the tornados went through the Dallas, Texas, area. We have some relatives and friends that live down there so the first thing that goes through your mind is I wonder if everyone is all right. Wifee is going to call her brother to make sure everyone is all right.

So I will take our winter and snow, our spring and ticks, any day over what other people are watching out for. I know we all say it or hear it but you have to admit we are blessed with the type weather we have here in the U.P.

So get out there and enjoy the fishing before the bugs realize spring is here and come out for lunch. Take a walk out in the woods because it is some of the nicest times to look over an area and see what is there when it is so wide open this time of year. You will see so much more than you will when all the leaves are on the trees.

Life is good so get out and enjoy life up here in God’s country.

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