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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the U.P. Regional Blood Center, I would like to thank Cindy Kaiser of Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility for hosting a blood drive in the month of February. As a result of her efforts, we collected 20 pints of blood. Also, a big thank you to all of the employees who took the time to give the “gift of life.” Thank you for supporting your community blood center.

Thank you,
Sallie Coron
Coordinator of Blood Collections

Dear Editor,

I appreciate the question put forward by Mr. Freshner in his letter to you published in last week’s Tribune. The gentleman expresses concern regarding the entrance to the new hospital property from Route 2.

The entrance way that the contractors have been using for construction is actually a secondary entrance. We will very shortly begin construction of the main entrance which will be at the west end of the parking lot. This new location of the main entrance is before the curve in the highway and will be hopefully before the point where traffic leaving Manistique begins to speed up. This main entrance way will include a deceleration lane on both sides of Route 2.

The hospital is also routing secondary water lines to create a water loop through easements to the hospital site west from Chippewa Avenue and south of the railroad tracks. This is only a utility easement. No secondary road is scheduled at this time. Some interest in a secondary road has been discussed but it would require a coordinated effort with City and Township officials as well as the property owners.

The gentleman’s comment regarding public transit schedules is worth looking into. Hospital staff is willing to work with the County to help in any way we can to expand the schedule.

Thank you,
George Montgomery, CEO
Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

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