2012-03-29 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, did we get our bubble burst or not with the weather and wind the last couple of days. Needless to say I had a feeling but I was really enjoying the weather of a week ago. But cheer up the nice weather is supposed to head back our way.

There were those out looking for smelt during the nice weather a week ago and needless to say it sure did not turn out like the “good old days” were back.

But then again just maybe the “good old days” are back with perch fishing. I hear they are-were doing real good both down at garden and on Indian Lake. If this continues it will make two years in a row the perch fishing has improved down at Garden.

I have always said there seems to be more fishermen that enjoy some good perch or bluegill fishing than anything else. There just seems to be something about spring weather coming our way and the perch starting to hit.

If you stop and think about it, years ago the Friday night perch dinners were usually supplied from locally caught perch. When I worked the Saginaw Bay area some of the main commercial fishing was perch fishing.

It was nothing for there to be hundreds and hundreds of perch fishermen fishing the cuts off Saginaw Bay when the perch ran in the spring. There would be fishermen sitting shoulder to shoulder along the edge of the road fishing in the cuts. The amazing thing was that almost everyone caught some fish and went home a happy fisherman.

Just this past week I took Wifee out on a date, seeing we have been dating for 47 years now. It was on a Friday so I surprised her and took her to the Stone House in Escanaba for dinner. Seeing it was on a Friday we had to have their perch dinner and I must say we sure were not disappointed. The atmosphere was excellent, the service came with a smile, and everything about the perch dinner was perfect. It sure made for a nice date.

I think perch and whitefish fixed just right have to make one of the best pieces of fish a person could ask for. I have always felt that a fish sandwich on a fresh hoagie bun smothered with the right kind of tartar sauce makes for a perfect Yooper treat.

Did you ever stop and think when the weather changes like it did this week we get to go in the house, turn the furnace up, and wait for the warm weather to return. Wifee looked out the window the first of the week and saw a robin sitting on the fence in the cold and wind. This poor robin was so fluffed up trying to stay warm it looked three times its size.

Just a few days before this same robin was running around the yard picking up grass and other items for a nest thinking that the time of year for nest building was here, seeing it was warm enough to be summer. Boy did the birds and other wildlife get a surprise.

I was reading some articles this week where those out east of us that are in the fruit business are really sweating out this cold snap that is going through. The article showed some of the fruit trees in full bloom and needless to say they would not survive a frost. This is something you always have to worry about when you get weather like we had last week and then it turns around and freezes out.

I have always thought that any type of farming has to be just about like trying to win the Lotto. It has to be rather nerve racking and humbling at times when in order to be successful so many things are totally out of your hands.

I guess truthfully in order for a farmer to be successful he has to be able to enjoy and survive the good years while banking enough to carry him through the bad years. Needless to say if all years were good years for a farm there would be a lot more people doing it.

I have told Wifee a number of times if there is a good apple crop, or the garden is doing great, we had better can a lot because usually the next year will be a down year. This is maybe why at times our pantry seems loaded and we can just go down stairs to find something for a snack.

It is going to be interesting what kind of a crop season we will have this year seeing what kind of spring we are having with no way of knowing what’s coming down the road. But you have to remember when some things go one way with this crazy weather others have enjoyed the weather and winter we had.

We saw 17 deer between Cooks and Manistique Saturday night so they had a good winter.

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