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A fool’s holiday

Lois A. Corcoran

Just in time for April 1, here’s a pack of pranks to try.

BEACH BROUHAHA: If you spend the fool’s holiday down south, try this sandy sham. Remove your stooge’s beach towel and dig a hole where his or her rump would lay, then place the towel back in its original spot.

CARAFE CAPER: Fill the coffee carafe at home or at the office with a cola drink.

CELL SCHEME: Hide your victim’s cell phone behind a ceiling tile and place a call to him.

From Hailey, one of my co-op students:

DEODORANT DUPE: “Scoop an inch of deodorant from the top of the victim’s stick. Then take a slice of cream cheese and carefully insert it into the container, sculpting it so it looks like deodorant. Put the top back on and wait for the fun.”

DINNER DECEPTION: Pop a few Tic Tacs in your mouth. Then tell the resident cook that the meat is tough and spit out your breathmint “teeth”.

DRIVE-THRU DIVERSION: Have a passenger exit the car and direct you through the fast food drive-thru as if on an airport runway.

MARBLE MISCHIEF: Find a box narrow enough to fit in your victim’s medicine cabinet and cut a flap near the bottom. Fill with marbles and tuck in place.

PHONY PHONE MESSAGE: Change your stooge’s answering machine recording to say, “This is the FBI. All calls placed to this number will be traced and logged.”

POST-IT PRANK: Cover your victim’s car or cubicle with Post-itnotes.

SHOPPING SHAM: Slip something embarrassing or inappropriate in someone’s shopping cart.

Another one from Hailey:

TUG O’ DOOR: “This prank can be pulled on two people who have bedroom doors directly across the hall from each other. Use a rope to tie both door knobs to each other, with just enough slack to allow one door to open a crack. Then knock loudly on both doors.”

WAKE-UP BRAWL: Apply make-up so you look like the grotesque Joker in the latest Batman movie. Then turn on the light and wake up your victim.

And a third from Hailey, who earned an extra cookie for going above and beyond:

WATER WILES: Hollow out the middle of a cake, insert a water balloon and frost as usual.

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