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Pioneer-Tribune launches new site

The Pioneer-Tribune’s new website was recently launched at www.pioneertribune.com. The Pioneer-Tribune’s new website was recently launched at www.pioneertribune.com. Even though the Pioneer-Tribune is a weekly publication published on Wednesday for Thursday, there has been some discussion within the community as to the timeliness of our Wednesday newsstand arrival.

The secret was quietly released at 12 a.m. on Friday, March 23 when we launched our new website.

Though no horns or sirens sounded, those that visit the Pioneer-Tribune website regularly were greeted by our new presence.

The staff at the Tribune has been working diligently over the past month to be able to provide readers an exciting option to their favorite newspaper.

The pay wall has been removed through April 15. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to visit our site and discover all the new changes.

Some of the new features include:

• The ability to see all ads within the print version. Ads will rotate randomly as readers travel through the site. Readers can click on an ad to see a larger view. If websites are included on the ad, readers will have the option of being driven to their site.

• Readers will have several options of reading the current paper. They can click on stories as they appear and be brought directly to the article. They will no longer have to wait for files to be download.

• By selecting the Print Edition tab in the top tool bar, readers can select from page view, flip view or PDF. The flip view is exciting because the full paper will appear on the screen. The reader will actually use their mouse to virtually flip through the paper. If they have sound enabled they will hear the pages turn.

• After six weeks the pay wall is removed allowing anyone access to the site archives.

• The option of subscribing for a year or taking the 10-day tour is still available and can be done directly from the site.

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I appreciate the new format

I appreciate the new format very much. My wife and I bought property in Manistique last fall to build a home for us to live in after we retire. We subscribed to the Pioneer-Tribune so we could stay in touch with our future home. Thank you for your hard work.