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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

While I am as supportive of the new hospital as the next guy, I do feel that I must raise what I consider a very serious concern. If you don’t drive on US 2 (and many of us don’t), you won’t be able go to the new Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital.

From what I’ve seen there appears to be no other entrance to the hospital than off of the highway. Traffic on US 2 is frightening, especially for those of us who are not as confident behind the wheel as we once were. Many of us prefer to take our time on the residential streets and country roads. But log trucks barrel down US 2, aggressive drivers ride your tail and RVs sail by as though they were little cars. Traffic is very heavy in the summer. I dread trying to exit from the hospital grounds on to US 2 to head back to town. I will have to find a break in both the eastbound and westbound traffic.

I would like to urge the hospital administrators to consider providing an alternative entrance to the hospital. I would like to feel that I will be able to go for a needed test or exam or visit a friend in the hospital. Yes, I know there is public transit, but it doesn’t run before 7:30 a.m. or after 5 p.m. or at all on the weekends.

Really, how hard can it be to provide another entrance from the back roads off of Chippewa Avenue, especially while the facility is still under construction?

Sincerely, Doug Freshner

Dear Editor:

There are two things I would like to bring to this town’s attention. First, is the Quarry Park. Will the adults and kids of this town stop throwing the rocks in the water? They were put there for a reason. Not only do the rocks make it look nice, but they keep the weeds down. Those rocks were not free either; they were paid for by a grant. Signs used to be posted, but they too are probably in the water. New signs should be put back up, but some people don’t know how to read anyway.

Last year I picked up four bags of garbage from around the quarry because I couldn’t stand it anymore. There are garbage cans everywhere, use them. We received this wonderful gift and it seems like no one cares what it will look like in another ten years.

Secondly, there are some dog owners around town that think there is nothing wrong about letting their pet CRAP anywhere in public and not clean it up. The old Jack’s store looks like a dumping ground. Are you that lazy that you can’t carry a bag with you and dispose of it? Here’s an idea, let your pet CRAP on your own property. I think people should be reported and given a nice fine if they can’t clean up after their pet. We all live in this town together, let’s keep it clean.

Kris Henry, Manistique

Dear Editor:

The March 7, Daily Press had an editorial by a Mr. Sebeck of Canton. I would like to respond to the letter or at least the last paragraph. He states “the GOP believes that the road to fascism is paved with government provided health care.” I would like to state that it’s not necessarily the health care; it is the idea that the government must, because of its existence provide for all our needs (social responsibility, collective salvation, etc.).

The point I would like to make is once that first step; handing over your freedom to any form of overreaching government control is given, the outcome will be devastating in its effects. Fascism, liberalism, Nazism, Communism all these forms of government depend on people relinquishing control of their lives for the “Good of the State.” I never thought I would see the day when a Supreme Court Justice would say “We should scrap the Constitution and replace it with the South African Constitution!” This sentiment was simultaneously echoed by other liberals in the national media. One example of this view is the Constitution guarantees an American with “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Yet, Congress is proposing a law that would allow the killing of Americans if they are classified as a terrorist.

Recently, up to three thousand aerial drones were approved by the FAA to be flown by many different government agencies in U.S. airspace. The same type used to kill terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be used here in the U.S. for surveillance. Remember when it was illegal for the government to spy on Americans in the U.S.!

The ability of the government to kill an American is illegal in the Constitution. Yet, the President ordered the killing of the terrorist known as AAA. Yes, he was a bad guy, and I don’t care that he’s a dead enemy combatant, but the idea that the President or anyone in the government can order an American to death without due process is wrong, and correspondently we as people have lost the essence of who we are! We can’t water-board you, we can kill you if you’re a terrorist, but who decides if you are a terrorist?

The part the media didn’t report to any extent was that the terrorist’s son was killed with him in the attack. A child born abroad to an American is by extension of the parent an American citizen; was the child a terrorist too! It’s not the “terrorist” being killed that concerns me; it’s the “American” that was executed, because it circumvents the Constitution.

The FBI director, Robert Mueller was asked by Congress if a recently proposed law allowing American terrorists to be targeted overseas could be used to kill Americans classified as terrorists here in the United States. He said, he didn’t know and would have to ask the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder. Remember him, his judgment and oversight gave us the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal; trust him to make that decision? That’s the slippery slope, the precedent was set, and the Constitution can be ignored.

Perhaps one day the sight of your neighbors house exploding from a drone launched Hellfire missile will change your mind, but on that day take comfort in the thought that it was more important to the government that the missile was American made, by Union Workers in a non right to work state, EPA approved, and no fuzzy forest animals were harmed in its testing. Who will you hold accountable? You’ve relinquished your rights and probably didn’t know it!

Kevin W. Pfister, Manistique

Dear Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the girls that served as cheerleaders at our last basketball game. It was so good to have the “added attraction”. To me, they go hand in hand – teams and cheerleaders! So, again, thanks girls. It was good of you to do this.

As ever, “Grandma” Jean Selling, Manistique

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