2012-03-22 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, I have to admit all signs sure point to spring being in full force a month early. In fact, the other day I was doing something outside with the nice weather and got thinking about the opening of trout season. After thinking about it for a minute I had to tell myself to stop and think for a minute because it is only the middle of March and the trout opener is still a month away. It sure has been unreal.

The spring fishing season ought to be interesting without any run off without a normal snow melt. Most of the creeks are real low for this time of year. Unless we get some good spring rains, fishing should be slow.

We went up to camp the first of the week and it was t-shirt weather. It is not often, normally never, that Wifee and I could sit out on the deck in March to grill and just enjoy life. It was 70 degrees out with the clear sunny day. The snow is gone, you may find a little under some of the spruce trees or under a bank in the shade. The two-tracks are almost all dried out and you can travel almost anywhere you want.

The deer are also moving around and heading back to their summer stomping grounds. The ones we saw really looked great, but they should be since we really did not have a normal cold-snowy winter. All in all it is still slow out in the woods but things are starting to pick up with each additional warm day we have.

Another rather interesting fact about the weather we are having is how your well laid plans can go completely out of whack. In my game plan of life I usually work on my fruit trees in March pruning them before they decide to wake up from their long winter nap. This year I had to put it in panic mode to get it done before they came to life. I think I may have made it by the skin of my teeth and can only now wait and see how things work out.

A sure sign of a Yooper with a problem is when he is taking the snowblower attachment off his lawn tractor and putting the mower deck on in March because his grass is starting to green up.

I ran into some interesting news the other day that I found rather strange. I was reading where a lot of companies that are putting up these windmills get help through grants and other benefits from the federal government. In other words from the tax payers you and me.

Then the article went on to say that so many of these windmills have been put up in this country and around the world that the same companies are now being paid not to produce electricity.

Now guess who is paying the bill to these same companies not to run their windmills? This is not really a hard thing to figure out, you are right once again it is the taxpayers you and me.

I hear one of the biggest problems in some areas where they over built these windmill farms is that there is a problem getting the electricity they produce to where it is needed. In other words these windmill farms are being built faster than the power company’s grids are capable of handling.

Maybe down the road a lot of these projects will work out but right now it seems that a lot of taxpayer’s money is being sent out there to a lot of companies jumping on the Green Energy bandwagon. Maybe there comes a time to just step back and take a deep breath and let everything fall into place.

In closing I might say that now is the time with the weather which we are having for you to get your summer toys out and check them over. It is a good idea to go over all of the safety equipment on your boat, check the registration, and make sure all the trailer lights work.

In fact just think you can get a head start on all those “honey do” jobs and have most of them done before the fishing seasons open up. See there are really some great advantages to spring coming in March.

I always found it interesting when these big companies always had their spring fix-up sales when we were still blowing snow. This year we just may be able to take advantage of these spring fix-up sales the rest of the country always got to enjoy.

I have a whole list of things I would like to get done this summer but when you get my age you get tired just planning them out. But with a month head start I just may get some done.

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