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Honey don’t

Lois A. Corcoran

“I hate it when wives plan their husband’s day,” my better half griped.

That’s one thing I’m not guilty of. I rarely ask Dan to lift a hand – except to change a light bulb. And that’s only because his hand lifts higher than mine.

My honey has always taken it upon himself to, for instance, empty the trash. Good thing, too. I seldom notice until it’s piled too high to close the lid.

Not all hubbies are as helpful though. Some men even consider replacing bath tissue beyond their jurisdiction.

I suspect their wives have trouble getting them to tackle more involved projects. A guy on City-Data.com wrote, “I don’t even own a hammer much less power tools. My toolbox [is] my checkbook and the yellow pages.”

By contrast, another dude said his project list never ends. He purposely never completes it or “She’ll come up with more.”

Not so here. Oh sure, our humble abode needs work. The walls could use a fresh coat of paint, and we should re-tile our pock-marked kitchen floor. But that’s no more Dan’s job than mine.

If I were so inclined, these tasks would find their way to a “Honey Do” roster, also known as a Get ‘er Done List.

As if the delegator’s job isn’t easy enough, Bounty paper towels offers a “Honey-do list maker” at its web site. The slave driving spouse itemizes tasks, chooses a cutesy background, adds a personal note, and prints out a professional looking work order.

A gal at Debi Dawn.com created her own version with room for 25 tasks. I shook my head at the wife who had the nerve to whine, “There aren’t enough lines.”

Another said, “Cute idea, but how do you get your honey to do these things?”

This resulted in some snippets of advice. One lady said she motivates her husband by announcing that she is doing the project. Right away “He jumps up and does it,” she claimed.

Another advised buying red latex and writing “PAINT HERE” on the pertinent walls. “It gets more attention than a note pinned to the fridge.”

And someone wrote to Annie’s Mailbox about a “Building Co-op,” whereby her husband and pals help each other with tasks. It’s been around so long, they call it the “Balding Co-op” now.

I wonder if they hire out.

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