2012-03-22 / Front Page

Burning ban issued

Due to the extremely high fire conditions expected to last until rainfall comes to this area, Manistique Public Safety Director Ken Golat issued an outdoor burning ban Tuesday.

The local ban covers the city and Manistique Township, and will be in effect until rainfall, whereupon the situation will be reviewed.

The ban includes any outdoor burning in burn barrels, open fires, the burning of brush or leaves or campfires. All outdoor burning of any type is prohibited. Propane grills and charcoal grills will be allowed, if they are placed on a non-combustible surface while in use.

Also prohibited is the throwing, discarding or dropping of matches, ashes or other burning material while outdoors and in close proximity to combustible natural vegetation.

The ban also prohibits the use of any fireworks.

Golat reminds residents that violation of the ban is a criminal misdemeanor, and that anyone responsible for starting a fire will also be liable for all costs of fire suppression by the Public Safety Department and assisting agencies.

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