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Letters to the Editor


Some things better left forgotten. Screw that garbage series about the Johnny-come-lately retirees invad- ing town. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about their stinking lives and don’t need all their notions and expec- tations. That stuff belongs on the back pages between Lois and the senior repot. Tell them to bring plenty of money and get in the back of the line where they belong!

G.J. ReyGulliverEditor:

In response to Mr. Walker’s let- ter, in the March 8 edition of the Tribune, the following information should be considered.

IHS CERA Advisory Research Services is an independent energy analysis firm. On Jan. 23, 2012, they stated that U.S. Oil production has grown more in the past three years than any other nation. Fur- ther, CERA asserts “This may have limited impact on gas prices which, increasingly are set by global sup- ply and demand trends.” Forbes Magazine on Feb. 27, 2012, cited crude oil speculators on Wall Street for adding $23.39 per barrel to the price of oil. According to Forbes, this translates to $0.56 per gallon at the pump.

The Keystone pipeline has, also, been a political “hot button” is- sue. The proposed route of this pipeline would traverse 92 miles of the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska. The entire aquifer covers a total of 175,000 square miles. Most resi- dents in that region get their drink- ing water from it. In Nebraska, 78 percent of the water for residents and industry, as well as 83 percent of water for irrigation, is provided by the Ogallala aquifer. Congress imposed an arbitrary deadline of Feb. 21 for presidential approval of this project. President Obama refused, citing the need for further environmental impact study. This project has not been vetoed, only delayed.

As democrats blamed President Bush for $4.00 per gallon gasoline, republicans will continue to blame President Obama for high gas pric- es, readers should, however, take the time to do their own research before coming to conclusions on these partisan political issues.

Dennis L. YlinenManistiqueEighteen

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