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Major upgrades planned for marina

At Monday’s regular meeting, City Council members approved the agreement for a Waterways Grant that will pay for approximately $830,000 in marina upgrades – an amount equal to half of the esti- mated cost for the next phase, with the Manistique Downtown Devel- opment Authority slated to fund the other half.

In 2008, the city submitted a grant application to the Michigan Waterways Commission, seeking a total of $7 million for projects that included marina improvements and dredging of the river and harbor.

Due to the extensive cost of the upgrades, the state wanted to see the project broken up into a series of smaller phases, each costing no more than $500,000.

Funding was later allocated for the first of those phases, a $250,000 dredging project in the marina and upper basin of the Manistique Riv- er. That work was completed in the fall of 2010, in conjunction with a $1,474,000 federal dredging project in the main navigational channel of the river and harbor.

Monday night’s meeting, City Manager Shelia Aldrich broke down the estimates for the next phase, which include $1.1 mil- lion for broadside docking along the east side of the Manistique River just south of the marina and $560,000 for a new harbormaster building, new fuel station and ves- sel pump-out facility.

According to Aldrich, the broad- side docking is necessary in or- der to complete the eventual third phase, which will be the replace- ment of the bin walls and docks in the marina itself.

In order to be considered for funding, the city had to approve the Waterways Grant agreement and return it to the state by April 1.

“We need to return the agreement by April 1, if we have any inten- tions at all of proceeding forward with it,” Aldrich said. “It does not commit us to going ahead, but if we don’t send it in now we will be dropped from consideration alto- gether.”

Councilmember Jan Jeffcott made the motion to submit the reso- lution, with support from Council- member Jack Hoag.

In other business:

• Approved the new Non-Mo- torized Transportation Plan for the city, which was presented to coun- cil at their Feb. 27 meeting;

• Adopted a resolution of support that recognizes the city of Manis- tique as a Community for a Life- time, through the Michigan Com- mission on Services to the Aging, and supports continued efforts to assess, develop and promote the community as an area in which retirees who live here will want to stay, and as a place where other re- tirees will choose to live.

• Approved a resolution to trans- fer a liquor license on a foreclosed property to the State Savings Bank.

• Recommended Greg Schuetter to fill a vacancy on the Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation Board. The recom- mendation now goes to the School- craft County Board of Commis- sioners for final approval.

• Approved invoices for the upcoming water and sewer infrastructure project: water in the amount of $261,624.05, sewer $266,723.34.

• Approved a proposal in the amount of $7,200 from CUPPAD to perform wage/rate monitoring for Davis-Bacon Act compliance on the infrastructure project.

• Authorized the signing of two loan resolutions, one in the amount of $3,064,000 for the water project and one in the amount of $4,475,000 for the sewer project. The sewer amount includes refi- nancing current bond obligations of the city at a lower rate.

• Commended St. Francis de Sales School students Levi Weber, Madison Ozanich and Joe Barr on their zoning presentations to coun- cil. The presentations were part of a project in teacher Don Erickson’s sixth grade class, which created a community based on the city’s zoning ordinances.

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