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Senior Center

soup! Yum, yum. I encourage you to drop by the Cen- ter this coming Sunday, March 18, and have some soup. You will not only fill your tummy, you will be assisting the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter on one of their many fund- raisers. These volunteers put a lot of hard work into raising money for the shelter and appreciate your sup- port.

We need your help! Once again the Senior Center will be hosting the bake sale table at CBC on Palm Sunday, which is April 1.

A group of volunteers and staff donate their time to run the bake sale table and are looking for your help in making goodies. What are we looking for? This is easy, any- thing gooey and sweet! Heehee, the Center then turns 100 percent of the profits over to CBC.

Ideas include fudge, cinnamon rolls, wheat or white breads, pies, cakes, assorted cookies or bars, candies, cupcakes, jams or jellies. Oh, my mouth is watering already!

Items can be dropped off at the Center (101 Main Street) on Fri- day, March 30, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The day of the sale we ask you bring your goodies to the caf- eteria at Manistique High School. Drop your items off before 1 p.m., allowing us time to get everything sold. We sincerely thank each and every one of you who have given to our bake sale throughout the years.

I have to put an extra plug in, as we were one of the organiza- tions that received part of the funds raised through the Community proceeds. We were able to pur- chase new equipment for our Medi- cal Loan Closet, which included wheelchairs, strollators, shower benches, etc. How sweet it is to see the money used locally.

If you have never attended CBC, I encourage you to drop by and check it out. You will get a chance to observe what a small community can do with a gang of volunteers to raise money for three very needed projects. C = Cancer, B = Bay Cliff and C = Community donations.

The turnout was better than ex- pected! Due to this, the Grief Re- covery Series will start another six week session beginning Tuesday, April 3, and run through May 8. The sessions will be held every Tuesday from 5-6:30 p.m. at the Center.

Have you lost a loved one recent- ly? I know first-hand how hard it is, as I have lost a brother and sis- ter within a two year period. This is a great opportunity to share with those who are bearing grief just as you are. Keep in mind, you are not alone!

At least join this group for the first evening. If you have to miss a meeting or two, you are still wel- come to attend. I heard a lot of positive comments from those who attended the first session.

If you haven’t made your ap- pointment yet for the Northern Mich. Hearing Aid Service, you may do so by calling (800) 637- 7816. They will be at the Center on Thursday, March 22. Keep in mind, we sell hearing aide batteries throughout the month at $2 a pack- age and are replenished when they visit. Now is your chance to get your “free” hearing test.

Have you ever heard of the Share Program? If you are looking to save on your grocery bill, you might want to drop by and pick up one of their brochures. The next distribution is Friday, March 24, at 6:30 p.m. We have been told if they don’t pick up on their orders, the program might be dropped in our area. I encourage you to drop by and check them out!

Other activities on the calendar at the Center this month include a Foot Care Clinic, which is provided by North Woods Home Nursing. Your toes can be clipped by nurses at a cost of $12.50 by calling 341- 5923. They do ask you bring your own towel with you.

The Creative Writing Group will be meeting on Thursday, March 29, at the Center from 4-5 p.m. If you are interested in writing short sto- ries and memories, which eventu- ally are published in a book, you might want to join this fun group. Betty LaPointe is the instructor.

Sometimes breakfast for an eve- ning meal seems to hit the spot. Per our request from our “men” volun- teers, we are going to once again try a pancake supper in place of our monthly potluck in April. We are inviting you to join us on Thursday, April 19. For a donation of $5, you will enjoy pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, orange juice and cof- fee.

You’re encouraged to come at 4 p.m. and enjoy the music from the “Mud Hole Gang”, which will be playing for an hour before the meal.

The best part is if you are cre- ative, they will be giving prizes for the best Easter bonnets or hats. (This includes men too!) We prom- ise to have all the kinks out from our first pancake supper, so give us another chance.

The Center recently received a telephone call from “Martha” ask- ing to share some information with you. Martha recently received a telephone call “SCAM”, where the person tried to say they were calling from the Veteran’s office which showed the number (703) 852-4556. When answering the telephone she heard a foreign voice telling her they were from Medi- care and could get her prescriptions at no cost.

Questioning the call, Martha hung up, and called the Medicare office where she was told there was no such program, and that it was definitely a fraud. She has asked that we spread the word.

Laurie Jasmin, Director of Eco- nomic Development Corporation (EDC) recently contacted the Cen- ter informing us she recently re- ceived a grant where qualified ap- plicants can receive up to $10,000 in down payment and closing costs with an additional $20,000 avail- able to rehab the home.

In the past five years they have assisted 27 families in becoming homeowners. Keep in mind this not only helps the new homeown- ers, but assists our area with creat- ing jobs with the additional work being completed on the homes.

Hats off to Laurie for making this a possibility in our community. If you or someone you might know is interested, I encourage you to drop by the Center as we have a copy of the program guidelines to share. Or better yet, give Laurie a call at 341-5126 as I am sure she would be happy to answer all your questions.

A great big happy birthday to my daughter, Stephanie! You have a whole year to contemplate turning “30” next year! With my brother (Rick) having a birthday the same day, I am sure he wouldn’t mind turning back to “29”. heeheeMonetary donations were re- ceived in memory of Tom Flint from Eris Webb and Janice Rede- ker.`

A Maintenance and Support do- nation was received from Laura Lee Tegtman.

BRIDGE March 5: 1st-Bev Jahn, 2nd-Lois Hoholik, 3rd-Pat Flint and Eva Wendling, CFC-Helen Bar- ton. Host, Larry Savoie served apple pie, rhubarb pie, and pecan pie, with ice cream and cheese and crackers.

BRIDGE March 9: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Jackie Villemure, 3rd- Joyce LaTulip, 4th-Bibi Duquette, 5th-Lois Bellville, CFC-Ray Krall. Hostess, Rosie Krall served smoked sausage, cheese, crackers, pickles, pop, and candy.

PINOCHLE March 6: 1st-George Shampine, 2nd-Jackie Villemure, 3rd-Don’a Nelson, Should’a Stayed Home-Carol Shampine.

500 March 9: 1st-Bill Keener, 2nd- Dick Lewis, 3rd-Perry Wise, Should’a Stayed Home-Ruth Jones. (Looks like all the women stayed home!)

BIRTHDAYS with week: March 16-Marie Sellman, March 17-Sharon Robere, March 19-Arvella Gorsche, March 20-Barb McDonald, March 21-Millie Rohde and Phyllis Frankov- ich. Happy birthdays wishes to all.

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