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Grandparents Teach, Too

Have fun being Irish!

On March 17 everyone is Irish! The most popular Irish symbol is the shamrock. Green is everywhere! There are many things one can do with young children using green shamrocks. To prepare young chil- dren for success in school, a lifetime of learning, and reduce the stress of childcare see the authors’ books “Learning Through the Seasons” in bookstores and grandparentsteach- too.org.

Materials Needed:

A poster board shamrock shape of different sizes to trace, green con- struction paper, children’s scissors, string, coat hanger, paper punch, crayons, glitter, two green pipe cleaners, and tapeWhat

Do We Do?

Talk about St. Patrick’s Day and some of the traditions. You could even show where Ireland is on a world map. Explain that one very popular symbol is the shamrock, a flowering plant with leaves shaped like three hearts. If you do not have a shamrock shape, you can draw and cut one out on poster board using three hearts touching and add a thick stem. Help your children trace this shamrock several times on the green construction paper. Make different sizes. Talk with your child about the numeral 3 and find items that show that numeral (calendar, clock, timer, etc.).

Depending on the skill level of your children, help cut out the traced shapes. When finished cutting, point out the different sizes of shamrocks. Ask your children to line them up by size. It could be from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest. What does this mean?

Cover half of the shamrock and show children that both sides are the same. That means shamrocks are symmetrical just like hearts at Valen- tine’s Day.

Help your children decorate the shamrock shapes and punch one hole at the top of each shamrock. Cut several pieces of string of vary- ing lengths. Tie one piece of string through the hole of each shamrock. Attach the string to the bottom of a coat hanger. Together you have made a shamrock mobile!

Families can use two other sham- rocks to make a shamrock headband. Your children can decorate the sham- rock shapes. Help them cut out two strips of construction paper, that when connected will fit around the child’s head. Connect the strips with tape, as staples will catch in chil- dren’s hair. Attach the shamrocks to pipe cleaners and then to the head- band. Children will love wearing a bouncy headband!

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