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Fish Report

By Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, we are sure in that time of year when one day we may get hit with winter weather only to be up in the 40s a day or so later. You have to admit, if it had not been for leap year we would have had all our snow the last week in March. If history holds true you may not want to put your snow shovel and snow blower away just yet. Welcome to the U.P. where it is zero one night and above freezing the next.

With the type winter we have had with the warm weather and very little snow it could prove to be great news for the wildlife. The deer have really not had to work for their food this winter like they do when we have normal or heavy snowfalls. It also helps when we do not have that hard–icy couple of inches of snow that covers all the seeds and other food for those that search for it on the ground.

Of course the type of weather we have during the spring can be real important to the reproduction activity. If it is a wet-cold spring with snow and freezing rain it is really hard on those smaller birds and animals.

If the weather continues like it has been we should have a bumper crop of fawns this year. This would be the second year that will prove positive for the deer herd. Of course it takes a few years like this before we see the increase in some nice bucks.

I am going to switch gears now and express my opinion on something that affects all of us.

When I grew up you would get into a whole lot of trouble for lying. In fact you would not only get in trouble at school but also later when you got home. But like a lot of other things in today’s world lying has become an art and telling the truth is old fashioned.

When I started as a conservation officer the gas we put in our patrol car cost 19 cents a gallon. Being as my job always involved checking hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers, and other outdoor users you never heard anyone talk about or worry about the price of gas.

How times have changed and this is where what I consider to be lying comes in.

How many of us have heard the excuse that the reason for the high gas prices is the lack of refineries we have in this country?

Or we heard that it is because we have to import so much oil that the price of gas is so high.

Isn’t it interesting how whenever they can find any excuse to raise the price of gas, we have to pay for it.

So I ask you if we do not have enough refineries to produce the gas we need, besides this we have to import so much oil, then someone makes a remark in the Middle East that causes our gas to go through the roof, if all this is true how can we be exporting gas and oil?

One reason for the high price of gas may easily be found on the internet. There you can find American owned oil companies. You can also find out who uses and how much Middle East oil they use. It would be interesting if we could manage to support American owned companies.

I would like to suggest that a certain person from Washington D.C. spend a winter in the U.P. with his windup or battery powered vehicles. I would also like to have him live on an average Yooper’s budget when gas is $4 a gallon. In other words I would like to see him have to live in the real world for a while and not just say he is out there looking out for the average person.

I would like to see him shop at the local U.P. grocery store where you can just about watch the prices go up when gas hits $4 a gallon. As I told one of the girls in the local grocery store this week, “What good is it to have Hamburger Helper at 10 for $10 when an average family can’t afford the hamburger to put in the Hamburger Helper?”

It could once again be an interesting summer for those that depend on the tourist trade because who really knows what is going to happen.

For you that read the Fish Report you know I have met so many people with the job I had and later from my book project. In doing this once in a while you run into a person whose goal was to be a help and encouragement to a lot of people in our town. I could not count how many times someone has told me about how much of a blessing this man was when they were going through some hard times.

I have to admit in all the times we crossed paths he always had that pleasant smile on his face and a good word for you. I think we could all learn something from the life Gilbert Sablack led and hopefully when we leave this earth people will think of us with the same feelings they had for Mr. Sablack. Then we would go out a winner.

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