2012-03-08 / Lifestyles

Going on a dye-it

Lois A. Corcoran

A friend of mine keeps nagging me to cover my gray. We’re the same age but only one of us looks like Old Mother Hubbard.

So I’ve toyed with the idea but haven’t taken the plunge yet –unlike a woman at ThatHomesite.com. She’s fed up with dyeing her hair and announced her decision to throw in the towel. Literally. Then she asked if others planned to let their gray have its way.

“Not a chance!” replied a feisty gal, “I’m going down swinging a box of Lady Clairol.”

I can understand that mindset. Looking old is getting old. Given my history, it’s odd that I hesitate to tint my mop now that it really needs it.

In my younger days, I tipped the dye bottle at every opportunity. I didn’t discriminate based on color either. For years I alternated blond and brunette before auburn pushed her way to the front. No one asked “Does she or doesn’t she?” It was more like “What was she thinking?”

Now that patches of gray have taken up residency, I really need to make a decision. The color–or lack thereof–is bad enough without those wiry strands jutting out in all directions.

Still, I’m reluctant to jump back on the hair color wagon. Part of it has to do with the cost. I hate to drop forty bucks at the salon, only to rinse and repeat six weeks later.

Even those do-it-yourself kits can add up. So I Google- searched for a homemade (read: cheap) recipe. According to PioneerThinking.com, we can cover gray using two common spices from our kitchen. I found that to be rather “sage” advice .

The site also provided a brunette rinse made from triple-strength coffee. Decaf, I assume. Who wants their hair up all night?

So there are inexpensive alternatives. But do I really want to return to that time-consuming, neverending practice?

A woman named “Cathy” wrote to Annie’s Mailbox about her recent decision to go gray. “Most people know I’m in my 50s, and I highly doubt coloring my hair made them believe I was one bit younger.”

Another wrote, “I don’t color my hair. Instead I wear a sweatshirt that reads, ‘Gray is the new blonde.’”

I like that philosophy and plan to incorporate it–at least till I go on a dye-it.

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