2012-03-08 / Community

State required tests have a new definition of proficient

Each year, public school students in grades three through nine take the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) test and eleventh graders take the Michigan Merit Exam (MME).

The Michigan State Board of Education recently approved new MEAP and MME “cut scores” for mathematics, reading, science and social studies. A cut score is the score that separates test takers into various categories, such as advanced, proficient, partially proficient and not proficient.

The new cut scores are higher and “raise the bar” for students. They are intended to be a better measure of student progress toward being career and college ready.

While it is anticipated that an initial decline in the number of students reported as “proficient,” there is confidence this change will be temporary due to ongoing school improvement efforts and student support.

If the student is reported as “not proficient,” it does not mean that student isn’t gaining academic skills or is falling behind. It means that on the day of the test, the student was not yet proficient on the material being tested. Several other measures are used in the district throughout the year to insure that students are making academic progress.

Manistique Area Schools has always maintained high standards for students and for making sure that their test scores are consistently among the highest in the state. It also anticipates this trend will continue even with the new cut scores. If you would like additional information about changes to the MEAP or MME, please contact the school at 341-4300 or visit www.oaisd.org-/ statetests or http://1.usa.gov/statetests.

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